Fraser Techno Circuits Limited was founded on the principle that business has a moral obligation to contribute to the community and society. This principle has been guiding us since almost 30 years but our customers and partners have always been the key to our success.

We are the leading company in India that designs, manufactures and markets highest quality of power and media integrated, customised cable management solutions to provide most crucial connections on furniture, hard or soft floor in workplaces, trading desks, hotel rooms and other public areas.

In the areas of power distributions and electrical connections, we ensure ultimate safety and reliability with our state of the art ePower Busways & Bustrack systems and pluggable connection systems from the original pioneer of this technology. We make every electrical connections Safe, Solid and Secured. For electrical installations in functional buildings, retail spaces and open areas, the pluggable connection technology not only saves more than 70% time, also ensures error free connections, modularity, scalability and flexibility for relocations with hardly any cost for retrieval.

Fraser Techno Circuits Limited also aspire to elevating quality of life of everyone who are directly or indirectly associated with us. We do Ergonomics. We do Acoustics. We also do Air & Surface purification, disinfection and odor control solutions that help saving significant amount of energy consumption in various areas, thanks to our patented cutting-edge UV Technology from the Global Leader in this field.

We always engage ourselves to understand customer's needs and provide most effective and sustainable solutions. We do not just sell boxes. The challenges, desires of our customers and their trust on us, have always been inspiring to introduce innovative solutions in Indian market. Our latest inclusion of Surge Protection Devices is truly beyond innovations. With it's multi patented technology, we will surely take the lead across the industries in Indian market.

Fraser Techno Circuits Limited is genuinely dedicated to customers, employees, partners and society.